Premium cannabis, locally sourced

TARATERA is committed to the highest standards of cannabis cultivation. We apply the utmost care and precision in every step of the process, across all our operations in Thailand.

Pride in our flower

We pride ourselves in creating a standard of quality in our flowers that captures your senses of sight, smell, and taste. We select only the highest level genetics to ensure consistency and quality.

Why we do it

We want to offer a product for each person’s needs with flowers grown from hydroponic or organic living soil.

Our varying cultivation methods is inclusive to each person’s cannabis preferences.

How we do it

The passion and knowledge of our trained staff with our expert cultivators brings a level of professionalism into our state-of-the-art indoor facilities, complete with environmental controls and varying soil mediums.

What we can offer

Consulting and Construction

We provide ground-up consultancy and one-stop service on cultivation. We work with international partners to access leading expertise, technologies and cultivation practices.

Facility Design

Construction Management

Cultivation Consulting

Equipment and Supplies

Our completed projects highlight

Number of Grow Lights Installed
Indoor Cultivated Cannabis Plants
Indoor Cultivation Facilities Built

Equipment and Supplies

We work with international cultivation operators to access leading technologies. We deploy these advanced equipment in our facilities and for our partners as an official distributor for these brands in Thailand.

Grow Light


Environmental Control

Our Cultivation facilities

Co-owned with our partner: Advanced Canna Technologies (ACT) – a best-in-class agricultural operator based in Israel.
ACTERA is a 2000 sqm indoor facility implementing top tier agriculture technologies to cultivate consistent medical-grade, premium cannabis.




  • Fully fitted with Fluence Bioengineering grow lights. 
  • Automatic fertigation and irrigation systems designed and imported from Israel.
  • Seasoned team with decades of combined experience.
  • Access to combined genetics library from years of research.

contract Farms

We work with a network of contract farmers to produce commercial-grade CBD flowers. We provide cultivation know-how and genetics for our partners.

Genetics Library

Our capabilities extend to dedicated pheno-hunting labs and seedbanks. 


The genetic selection for breeding and production cultivation is what determines the consistency of all our products. We breed new signature cultivars and deliver seeds, cuttings, and mother plants to our cultivation facilities.