Our Facilities

TARATERA’s extraction and processing facilities adheres to the stringent standards set by ISO 9001 – a globally recognized quality management system. This certification ensures that every step of our process is carried out with precision and consistency. 


Our advanced extraction technologies and high-capacity processing capabilities means we are able to meet the demands of even the largest cannabis producers and provide high-quality extracts at scale.


Our facilities extend to post-harvest processing services. Our professional onsite team are capable of a range of functions to prepare products for distribution.

CBD Offerings

We offer a range of CBD extracts in bulk as raw material for other products. TARATERA with our partners can provide white labelling services for a variety of products such as tincture, topicals, etc; tailored to your needs.

CBD Distillate

Distillates are high potency CBD extracts, with full-spectrum cannabinoids, that are purified through a process of distillation.

Characteristics : Amber oil with limited cannabis taste and odor.

Potency : 80-90%*
*Though, CBD distillate will be sold in diluted form, in compliance with Thailand’s regulations.

CBD Isolate

Isolates are pure CBD extracts, with no other cannabinoids, that are isolated through a process of crystallization.

Characteristics : White crystalline solid with no cannabis taste and odor.

Potency : >98%

Water Soluble CBD

Water-compatible CBD extracts, with higher bioavailability, that are produced via a nano-emulsification technology.

Characteristics : Clear liquid with limited taste and odor.

Potency : 85-20%

White Label CBD Products

A range of ready-for-market CBD-based consumer products that are offered with full processing and packaging.

Packing and Processing

We also offer a range post-harvest service offerings by our experienced team – adhering to the highest industry standards of process, hygiene, and equipment.