Taratera Corporation (“TARATERA”) (Thailand) and Advanced Canna Technologies (“ACT”) (Israel) to set up a JV to establish “ACTERA” a new 2,000 square meter advanced indoor cannabis cultivation facility in Bangkok, Thailand. 

This strategic partnership will strengthen TARATERA capabilities in cultivation, processing, and distribution with its national retail brand (“The Dispensary”). The ACT team’s experience and expertise in designing, cultivation, and operations will further reinforce TARATERA’s existing infrastructure and position as market leader.

The ACTERA facility will be equipped with the latest and newest indoor agriculture technologies to fully control the climate and the process and to reduce overall operational costs. This includes LED lights (of Fluence Bioengineering) in all grow rooms and fully automated and controlled climate units and irrigation units from Israel. The post-harvest process will be executed under precisely tuned settings with separate rooms for drying and curing, and the air will be disinfected to provide clean healthy and sustainable products. This automated high-tech facility enables ACTERA to have data-driven scientific cultivation process, likely leading to an annual production of 3,000 kg of consistent, premium-quality cannabis flowers.

“We designed the ACTERA cultivation facility to be one of the most advanced indoor plant factories in the world. We utilize ACT’s years of experience and expertise to create a cannabis flagship in Thailand, and to consistently produce ultra-premium cannabis flowers for Thailand’s medical and adult-use markets.” said Or Engler, CEO & Founder of ACT.

For the first time in Thailand, this partnership aims to open Thailand’s gates and call international tier 1 brands seeking a one-stop solution for producing, processing, and distributing their cannabis THC and CBD brands in the emerging medical and recreational cannabis market. 

“With ACTERA, we aim to greatly improve our cultivation capability, enabling us to work with global partners seeking to expand to the new emerging market in Thailand. ACTERA, together with TARATERA, will have all the resources available to facilitate and kickstart international cannabis brands entering this region.” said Kajkanit Sakdisubha, CEO & Founder of TARATERA

With over 70M citizens and more than 40M visiting tourists annually, the latest research shows that Thailand’s legal cannabis market size is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2030. 


Additional Information

About Taratera Corporation

TARATERA is Thailand’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company, with operations that include seed banks, indoor cultivation facilities, extraction labs, and retail dispensaries across the country. TARATERA was established in 2019, engaging in medical cannabis research and later cultivation consulting and construction. Following the deregulation in June 2022, the company launched the retail brand “THE DISPENSARY” – being one of the first licensed cannabis stores in Thailand.

About Advanced Canna Technologies (ACT)

ACT is an international cannabis operations and consulting company with a long-time experience in designing and operating cannabis grow facilities Based on science and expertise. Since 2014 ACT’s team has been directly involved in producing millions of grams globally with production contracts in Israel, Europe, the USA, and now Thailand. ACT provides its partners and clients with a complete set of services to improve their operations and maximize their cultivation results. #knowledgemakesthedifference 

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 8.48.45.png
ACTERA facility construction in Thailand
(Left to right)
Or Engler – Founder/CEO of ACT
Tal Saadon – Founder/CTO of ACT
Pasit Chulajata – CBO of TARATERA 
Kajkanit Sakdisuba – Founder/CEO of TARATERA
Or Engler and TARATERA team inside facility under construction
THE DISPENSARY – premium cannabis store by TARATERA, located in Bangkok